Napa Valley Taize
(written a year ago June, the prayer holds...lets gather again for another blessing.  see you there.)

We headed to  Grace Church Labyrinth in St. Helena, for our June Taize, 2018, where the sounds and rumbles from the middle of town augmented our songs and our silence:  Train whistles, kids on skateboards, music from the cafe across the street all enhanced the magic of our realization that we were indeed smack center.  As we prayed and sang, the light went down, and our prayers fed those sacred spaces of the town.  We were awed, and humbled that we had come from the cloistered beauty of the Carmelite to such a public place...and our prayers still held. 

In the wake of our exit from the Carmelite, I had written that our prayer and our hope might be that as we tenderly observe how a seedling we planted in 1986 had been watered and the soil tilled so that the tree of Taize had gown and branched out to drop it's fruit into all of our hearts, that we might wonder at it's flowering this June evening now in the middle of town  for all to see. 

The truth of Mary Oliver's words resonate."The light flows from our branches.  It's simple they too have come into the world to do this - to go easy, to be filled with light, and to shine."

Here's our we prayed the final Taize blessing, "I am the Christ, you are the Christ, be the Christ."

If you were unable to be present this particular evening, make an intention for a mediation exercise.

Go, find a labyrinth, walk it. 

Notice with each turn you face a different direction and are invited to another viewpoint.


Realize that your life is fluid, and moves easily, like the labyrinth, from one vantage to another.

In the center, talk with the Trinity about this. 

Be sure to follow the labyrinth out.

Notice if the walking out feels different than walking in.

When you are finished, sit for a moment, looking at the labyrinth.

Reflect on the your image as you walked.

Notice the Peace.