Napa Valley Taize

There in the comma between the shouts
"Christ is risen,"
and the responding alleluia whispered
"Christ is risen indeed!"

dwells a lifetime.

'To rise' is an intransitive verb
describing action inherent in the subject.

(Jesus is the subject upon which all the verbs of our lives

have played out their action.)

Come, O Jesus, comma across the ages,
(from life to life
from today to today)
lead me beyond the clunky mechanics of punctuation and grammar
to immanent and joyful living within the risen Christ.


Easter Benediction

Be reconciled now within yourselves, so that by your hunger for God's love in your own heart,
you may be liberated to hunger for unity with your brothers and sisters.

Do what is in your power to accept what each day brings, so that you are concretely in communion with the meaning of the cross: That is that we all suffer.

And the Anointing Oil of God, who tenderly breathes us into this day and this night,

Along with the fragrance of Jesus life,
And the breath of the Holy Spirit:

Will infuse our anxious places and create their peace beyond all our understanding for now, and always.

As we affirm the Taize blessing to ourselves and each other:

I am the Christ, you are the Christ, Be the Christ.