Napa Valley Taize

Happy Easter everyone,  and here we are again at the Grace Church Labyrinth.  Our Good Friday Taize felt so right for us to be there on the labyrinth, so right that in fact, weather permitting, we'll be there again!

Chairs will be set around the perimeter for those who choose not to walk, and others of you might be so bold as to bring a blanket for sitting on the lawn, or walls.

We noticed several folk walking by, who stopped, listened, seemed intrigued, and moved on.  Who knows what the Spirit will do if we show up another time.

So come, bring a friend, a blanket, a jacket, even a flashlight.

Walk the labyrinth, pray the prayers, enjoy the light, sit with the music.

Let's pray on this corner of St. Helena.  Who knows, we might be able to change the world.