Napa Valley Taize

Welcome back each of you. 

We're grateful to Father Eliseo Avendano Diaz, of the  Holy Family Mission in Rutherford, who has generously offered to host our Napa Valley Taize.  Over the summer we've particularly  sought to find a place more central in the Napa Valley in order to accommodate those who travel from both North; Calistoga, St. Helena,  and South; Napa, American Canyon.

Since the uncertainty of last season has begun to settle, and we've found our way via Grace Episcopal in St. Helena, (thank you Grace) and it's beautiful labyrinth, I do think we've grown, and even expanded our ministry somewhat.

As you read in the "meditation" we did our last Taize on the Labyrinth at Grace, and experienced a whole new way with Taize.  Which in fact, has inspired me to search out other labyrinths.  And depending on the weather....I'm thinking...wouldn't it be fun to pray other labyrinths in Taize fashion.

However, for Fall, we'll head to Rutherford, which is only a few miles from Oakville.

See you on October 5, at 7:00 p.m.