Napa Valley Taize

It seems confusing sometimes, doesn't it?  Life I mean.  Just when some of the gnarly issues get ironed out, and things seem to be almost self-directed, inspired almost, straight from an unanticipated source, wham.  Here comes something more surprising; yes the Carmelites  have requested the sole use of  their chapel.  Of course, my heart replies, even though sadness overwhelms, even as I  thank the space we 've prayed since 1986, even as I  ask the Holy spirit 'what 's next'?

Surprise and chaos are the phenomena  from which The Trinity creates, my head chimes.  And I realize, the work before us is to 'stay', to walk into the chaos and hold on  while the creative work is being done in, around and through us.  I’m querying to myself, and to whomever will listen. We can wait through until we find another place....or not?  Perhaps our focused and beautiful time together is being invited to change shape, or shift to another format perhaps. And not just to another space where we can pray in the same style, but to another whole  configuration?  I wonder.

I'm willing, if you all are, to wait, to pray, to dream, to figure, to be still. 

Let's  join hands across the ideologies, across the distances that separate us, and  wait, while the work is being done in us to  find our way together.

In the meantime, I hope to see you at Grace Episcopal in St. Helena, 1324 Spring St., 7 p.m. on Friday Feb. 2.