Napa Valley Taize

Folks are beginning to greet me now, with the question, "How WAS your summer?"...and I cringe.  Inside I'm coughing.  WAS?  WAS!  Resistance takes too much energy, I hear from within, so I smile and nod, "Great."  "And yours?"

It's done now, Summer 2017, and I pray the resistance to letting go of the summer diminish now, that my energies rise to embrace the coming season with joy and eager anticipation of new beginnings, and the solace of re-engaging with the beauty of our lives together.  In other words, trim back my hair, abandon my shorts and flip-flops, begin to awaken earlier to exercise and run my prayers, collect my inner being and come back.

A few weeks in Maui did it to me.  We often head over to windsurf, yet this year the non-windsurfing mornings drew us into a rhythm so completely transforming that we had a hard time re-entering.  We literally grabbed our Stand Up and Paddle boards every morning shortly after 6:00 a.m. and walked out our door, across a pathway, and over to the Cove.

Already there were 5 or 6 others in the water before us and with a nod and a "hey" our prayers began.  Watching the sun rise, scoping the waves, laughter and yelps when missed, the body prayers of our vital practices fed us, enfolded us. Sun, sand, wave, water, receptive to whatever came.  Releasing jabber, anxiety, concern and worry.

No better way to meet our Creator I thought, daily and with delight.

Not to say the insistent hammering voices inside my head were eliminated, just balanced.  Out beyond the shore-break, I was sitting on my board, audibly coaxing the building wave in.  "Come on, come on in, you can do it, come on, hurry up," when I heard from the board next to me.  "Hey," she said, "we're just chillin' here."

I laughed.  Of course.  That's what we're doing.  Sometimes, even in  the midst of paradise we need community to keep us on track and to remember.  We're just chillin' here.  We're just chillin' here, aren't we?

it's a perfect attitude for the beginning of a new season.  We're just chillin'.

As we go about healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, teaching the lame to walk.  You know what I mean.  Navigating through our lives.  Receptive to adventures of the day, releasing the anxiety those adventures may bring.  Just chillin' as we touch those with whom we come in contact.

Taize offers us a time not unlike the water and waves in Maui.  Quiet, reflective, labyrinthine. All rescue us from our insistence to hurry up and catch the next wave.  We're juuuust chillin' here.

Come, chill with us Oct. 6 at the Carmelite as we ride the surf of God's loving rebalance.