Napa Valley Taize

Someone pressed the fast forward button.  June came so quickly, I mean this Taize season has come to it's conclusion, and we've barely begun.  Or is it just my need to slooowww time, take it wayyyy more easily?  Our labyrinthine journey together continues to mash it all up sometimes, and then demands a longer reflection period to sort it all out.  That's when my heart remembers to be  grateful for the sorting hour of our Taize.

Last weekend I led an overnight retreat with a group who were new to the labyrinth.  I tend not to give lots of instructions, mainly because I like not to dictate how a person should approach the labyrinth.  "It's a prayer tool," I say, "walk your prayers. One caveat, pace yourselves so that you don't create a 'bunch-up'."  To facilitate their exit from the room where we met, I was finishing playing "Surely God", and was not on the labyrinth when they began.  When I went outside to the lawn,  I saw "pace yourself" had not been an operative. I found  not only a bunch up, but grand giggles, joyful hugging, inching along, stumbling as the wind was almost successful in obscuring all the pathways, and in blowing the whole labyrinth into the forest nearby.  It was literally hysterical.  In every form.  Laughter, unabashed hugging, crying, pure joy.  Our labyrinth experience set the tone for the whole retreat.  How like life it was.  Receive what comes, became our mantra, receive what comes.

Thank you for your gifts of solace and joy this season.  Those of you who helped set up and  shared your music have helped create beauty  and healing prayers on this particular iteration of  the Napa Valley Labyrinthine Taize.

Come, let's gather together one more time, June 2, and receive what comes.