Napa Valley Taize

A drum circle is a unique place to find the beauty of God.  Yet, there God was, in my stuttering leadership to explain what happens when another drum's rhythm pulls away from the established beat, and accents other beats, the combination of which sets up what is called a cross rhythm.  A third rhythm created by the combination of the two previous rhythms.  It is the interplay of the two elements that produces the third, or cross-rhythmic texture.

I have always been mesmerized by this concept.  In other words, the beat I find myself moving to, is not the the one established by one drum or the other, but a combination of the two.

Remember Vaclav Havel's (see epiphany 2016) facilitation of something 'other' from a combination of two different elements of thought?  (Communistic and democratic.)  He wrote, "hope is not a conviction that something will turn out well, but a certainty that something has a meaning regardless of how it turns out."  I was thrilled if you recall, that he validated a simple concept.  Hope, the rhythm played on the drum of your life, and hope played on the drum of my life, births a third, more dominant refrain of hope, which when heard and felt inspires a collective yet unique rhythm of hope as a third way emerges which is not of our "doing." These beautiful rhythms of hope thrum smoothly in their beats, for beneath each, is hope itself, and hope does not divert it's course.

Hope, like a heart beat creates a rhythm in which the regular pattern of accents of the prevailing meter is contradicted by a conflicting pattern, yet is not merely a momentary displacement that leaves the prevailing meter fundamentally unchallenged, the meter remains.

We do understand, the fullness of Love has been God's sole trajectory throughout our time on earth.  And hope is the dynamic prayer of Love.  Our hearts beat in collusion with Gods', and create a Wisdom calling us to use our heads and hearts in a more broad way, to look at what is needed now in order to confirm and collaborate together.  It is the Elders of the Hopi Nation who have written,

"Gather yourselves.                                                                               Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.                        All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.       For we are the ones we have been waiting for."

In this Advent season, hope become our operative rhythm continually beating in time within the heartbeat of God.

Come, join us at Taize, and let's lift our hearts in prayer.  As we do, each with its own heartbeat will create rhythms upon rhythms upon rhythm.