Napa Valley Taize

Harvest 2016 Ahhhhhh!

Each of these seasonal beginnings seem so poignant to me, and as I glance back to the harvest web writings since 2009 I feel surprised and somewhat shy that we've kept on keeping on, doing this amazing prayer called Taize, fashioned after a paradigm Brother Roger dreamed in 1949.  And it continues, through us, through you, through each '"ahhhh" I hear as I'm hugging you and cautioning you down the marble steps in the chapel.  I wonder about those ahhh's, and what they express for you, and how they are translated into your working world.  I count on them actually and think of them as the work we do through the prayer of Taize.

Two weeks ago our family had another wee one.  A boy, born to the family consisting of two other boys, Ryan and Lucas.  There are few mothers who are privileged to give birth the same day her 15 year old has High School Orientation.  So I stepped into the mother role, and went to stand in the lines with Lucas at his new school.  Afterwards at Starbucks I suggested we go to the hospital to meet his new brother.

Looking sideways he said, "yeah, alright, not so sure about the brother thing though, not being my blood and all."

I nodded, "I hear you," and waited for his gaze to return.

Then somewhere outside of me the words came.  "I've never thought brotherhood was about blood, I've always thought brotherhood was about love."   Beat...beat...beat.  "And this little boy will break your heart, Lukie, he'll be your best pal."  I couldn't resist continuing.  "The heart is one organ that expands..the more it encounters, the bigger it gets."  "You're going to have two fathers, four grandmothers, three grandfathers, and two little brothers...all loving you at the same time."  Imagine how big your hearts gonna get, you'll have to grow a bigger chest."  And we both threw our heads back and guffawed at the thought.

I can only conjecture, but I like to think the "ahhh's" I hear from you are the release of breath from a heart grown bigger and more loving through an encounter with the Holy Mystery of God.  If this is the case...come, come, run to Taize this season.  Birth happens in small ways, every day, and our communal prayers at Taize offers us the opportunity to grow our hearts and encompass those births with love.   Ahhhhhh!