Napa Valley Taize

At the beginning of the Easter season, soon after we have experienced the possibility of a spiritual resurrection, I begin wondering about the physical probability.  Intuitively I'm programmed to equate resurrection in others, through shifts in attitudes, softening spirits, generosity and hospitality, as well as resurrection throughout the natural world, with the resurrectional phenomena of Jesus.

I see that as I've treaded softly through the Easter season, hoping that there are no more actual or metaphorical catastrophes, I realize that as we've followed the Advent and Lenten scriptures of the Common Lectionary, we've been led more deeply to establish a relationship with Jesus the Christ that has become a symbol of ourselves.  I can see contained in the Lectionary scriptures a landscape that led us through Christ's sufferings which are intrinsically related to our processes of growth towards ourselves.  During the Church seasons, we walk toward wholeness, and our own healing begins to come from a process greater than ourselves, not through Christ, but with Christ.  By Pentecost, we've already sensed Christ in us, permeating around us, through our relational interactions and into the broader world.  We discover we are living into a peaceable kingdom, to use Jesus' words, and is here and now in our living realm, and our incarnation is whole, like the Christs' who calls us daily to wholeness.

I believe it is the presence of the Holy Spirit in each of us that does the work.  Not by our doing, but by the Spirit's breath-like work with translation.  Our lives' work is not lost in translation, but carefully monitored and simultaneously translated by phenomena not in our control.  The "magic" is in the hearing, as our ideologies are put into body language.  Pentecost happens today and is the work of Christ in the heartbeat of each one, NOW, now, now, and now, ongoing and real.  We are more ready to forgive ourselves, and in doing so reach out with compassion to those around us who also suffer.  We listen more carefully, we respond more appropriately, our thinking is less didactic, our being, more still.  We have been empowered to reunite with our essential life, which, in fact, is the central meaning of the symbol of the Christ.  The inner power of Pentecost has created us a new being and we become one with the Incarnational Christ.  But we are more than Pentecostal "shape shifters."  Over these weeks, the footprints Christ laid down have become our focus and memory, and have now led us to find the true treasure of Christ within our souls.  We have become the Christ.

Thank you for your beautiful presence this season.  Our lives are deeply enhanced by our praying together every other month, first Friday, and even though there are many of you whom we do not know by name, we are joined beyond our own knowing to a Pentecostal Spirit of kindness, joy, and love.