Napa Valley Taize

Reflections from Baja, Epiphany 2015

It was different this year Rich says, and I nod, yes.  Partly because the main thing ceased to be the main thing.  That is, as we queried it a few times, to be released from the badgering responsibilities of our lives, the ones that clamber each day to be attended to, and to bring our bodies back into balance with our spirits, and to let them soar onto the sand, into the solitude and be washed by the wind and the water.

Now, in the beginning of our Baja years, the main thing was windsurfing, with a little aside that included exploring Baja's amazing mountains and desert.  Than as familiarity set in, we began to look forward to seeing the windsurfing community, and as our activities morphed into snorkeling, paddling, kayaking, sight-seeing, adventuring, reading, dining, studying, and soon...well you can guess.  The activities became more than the few short weeks we had.  Add to all of this, visiting family, and we had changed the setting, but lost the intention for our time there.  The main thing became compromised.  Oh yes, I will say in my defense that the weather did not cooperate, there was not much wind and I didn't want to sail big I waited, and did other things.

I'm embarrassed to say this is a fitting metaphor for the spiritual struggle I engage with weekly.  I know, I know, I've said over and over - it's the interruptions that constitute a meaningful life, where real kindness can be practiced, and patience and care, and real moments of joy - but still, if the structures are not set in place to help facilitate the actuality of the main thing, then what the heck.  What's left, but the flotsam and jetsam of the interruptions?

As I write, I'm completely aware that had I set my intention uncompromisingly toward being on my board every day, no matter the conditions, all the other 'interruptions' would have found their place in my time there, and a balance would have been struck.

Ahh, so if I'm able to stay focused with my intention, and put the necessary structures in place to help realize my intention, then I do see that life has a way of arranging itself, it's interruptions so to speak, around the main thing.

So what kept me from being on my board much this season?

Surely it was not the diminished wind...or visiting family and grandbabies, or a zillion other distractions...

Come, join us as we gather to contemplate the main thing.