Napa Valley Taize

When the whole brouhaha was over, and Jesus' instruction to his disciples had come to an end, they went back to fishing.  With the morning light, and no fish in their nets they glimpsed Jesus on the beach.  His last appearance to them.  He had made them breakfast.  The image lingers as we leave the Easter season and enter Pentecost.  Jesus' intimate act of making breakfast for those he loves breathes into me a kind of quiet loving assurance that I too am able to model to those around me, especially when life seems ragged.  The disciples world had to have been in complete chaos.  They had given their lives completely to an idea and a person for at least three years and the end result was not much.  The idea had failed, the person died, and their livelihood left in jeopardy.  Yet Jesus didn't talk it, fix it, worry it.  He made them breakfast.

He didn't gather them together on that beach to theologize with them the plan of incarnation from the beginning of time, he made them breakfast.  He didn't explore their childhoods, nor lead them into conscious forgiveness, he made them breakfast.  He didn't even reinforce his missionary plan.  He simply made them breakfast.

We've all heard it said that small loving acts define the larger moments of love.  I've been wondering all season whether the metaphor of making breakfast isn't all that is needed in our busy lives.  When we are confused, unsure, angry, wanting more in regards to our families, kids, spouses, partners, friends, culture, world, we can make breakfast.  We can do small loving acts like Jesus who fed bodies, spirits, and souls.  One by one it all begins to translate into love.

During this Easter season I've been praying these words, and they have now become a sort of mantra for me as I've interfaced with the issues of my daily life.  My inner dialogue might go like this"..just make them breakfast...okay now, make a little breakfast...hmmmm, how do I make breakfast, belly up to the table,...hereeee comes breakfast....okay, now THIS is an opportunity to make breakfast.....alrighty, breakfast time."

I think we've made a little breakfast this Taize season.  Several of you have come for the first time, and as we pray the prayers and sing the songs the Spirit becomes so sweet.  Thank you for this season of love.

One last thing.  We all know the Nike logo "Just do it".  I think we ought to change two of those three words.  I leave you with these words for the Summer Season.

Just make breakfast.