Napa Valley Taize

Easter Sunday we were at Bodega Bay waiting for wind.  While waiting, our family celebrated resurrection on the beach.  It was a day atypical to Bodega; sunny and warm even into the evening.  Almost never does one sit casually by a fire at Bodega.  One will huddle, or put one's back to the wind, but almost never sit and enjoy, and in the midst of this loveliness, we were torn between the disappointment of no windsurfing, and our enjoyment of a soft and gentle sunset. 

Our resolve to be on the water however spurred us to Tomales Bay and Monday morning we took advantage of the quiet waters in our kayaks.  In concert with Bodega, Tomales Bay was still and glassy and teeming with wildlife.   Seals, three baby ones alongside mamas sunbathing on Hog Island, dozens of cormorants in the trees clacking back and forth that eerie woody sound, grebes and ducks and mudhens marching on and off the beach each time we paddled by, loon calls haunting the waters, and with each call my heart was yanked into Mary Oliver's poem that breaks our hearts...and then late lunch/dinner at Nicks' Cove.  Home now with resolve to fly out there as soon as the wind comes back and the rain stops.  So I commit to finish some quilts I began as birthing presents for two of our boys.  They are four now.  Go figure!

The whole puritanical deal about 'getting things done' is such a mind curmudgeon!!  Its tyranny hammers away at us doesn't it, even when one is on 'vacation'.  Yet so often I've experienced the Spirit's presence to be just the opposite...she continually breathes into us the rhythms  of freedom and gracefulness and the inspiration to love what we do and be at peace with ourselves in the midst of whatever we find ourselves 'doing'.  I mean, here I am, with a week's break, and for days I've been aching to be outside stretching my body with ANY activity, and it pours rain every day.  So, I'm 'onefootin'.  Doing the quilts, thinking about writing this piece, organizing and writing music for another CD, creating meals,'ve all experienced such a dilemma; not feeding the hungry nor serving the downtrodden. It's the simple thwarted expectations that seem to befuddle us all especially in a time of beautiful consolation.  Here we are in this joyful season of Easter and blooming springtime and we're caught in the comma of our incarnation, between Christ has risen, and our responsive, Christ has risen indeed.

I pray your Easter season is full of life and love.  Even though we practice resurrection this season, it doesn't have to happen all at once.  Perhaps it's always best to  'one foot it'!

Easter blessings to you all.

Oh yes, Mary's poem.  Click on the Meditation tab.  Beware however, hopefully it'll break your heart.